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I am a recent graduate at the University of North Texas with two degrees in Merchandising and Home Furnishings Merchandising. My minor is in Marketing with a focus towards Logistics.


Throughout college I gained years of experience in the Retail industry. I was able to develop an understanding of sales, management, visual merchandising, marketing, and logistics. This hands on experience combined with my college education has fueled my passion for creating the ultimate consumer experience for a variety of brands.

While attending UNT I was enrolled in several Digital Retailing classes. These classes taught me website design using Magento and OpenCart. 

I recently completed an internship in Dallas at a furniture wholesaler. The position I fulfilled allowed me to be creative as I staged product photo shoots and completed other aesthetic tasks. I attended the Las Vegas Market with the company at the end of July 2018 which was a great experience for me regarding the Home Furnishings Industry.  I now run their Drop Shipment program where I handle logistics functions for clients.

I do social media marketing for multiple clients. Having found myself to excel at this I am now searching for more clients in the DFW area. Please visit my Social Media Marketing page for more information.


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