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Hello everyone and welcome to my website! I hope you'll stick around and browse the various topics I have related to social media marketing, modeling, and my blog.

About Me

Mariah Smith

I am a recent graduate at the University of North Texas with two degrees in Merchandising and Home Furnishings Merchandising. My minor is in Marketing with a focus towards Logistics.


I recently completed an internship in Dallas at a furniture wholesaler. The position I fulfilled allowed me to be creative as I staged product photo shoots and completed other aesthetic tasks. I attended the Las Vegas Market with the company at the end of July 2018 which was a great experience for me regarding the Home Furnishings Industry.  

I do social media marketing for multiple clients. Having found myself to excel at this I am now searching for more clients in the DFW area. Please visit my Social Media Marketing page for more information.


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Belle Áme

Denton, Texas, United States

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