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Social Media Marketing

   Social Media Marketing is vital for a successful business. If you don't have an online presence then consumers are sure to forget about you. Stay in the forefront of their minds by staying consistent with your digital content. Create a brand image that they won't forget and become loyal customers to. 

Why Does Your Company Need It?

     Did you know that as of January 2018 there are approximately 3.196 BILLION active social media users (Hootsuite, 2018)? This amount is huge, and it is only growing as time passes on. The world we live in today is technologically evolving at such a fast rate that if you aren't utilizing social media for your business then you are getting left behind.

     Social media platforms are so useful to show the world who your brand is and why they should care! A 2018 study by Statista showed that adults between the ages of 30-64 are most commonly using Facebook as their social media platform. Instagram and Pinterest followed behind. If your target market falls in any of those ages then you should be taking advantage of marketing through Facebook and Instagram.

     Social media allows your company to create new and lasting relationships with so many people that you might not be able to reach otherwise. These platforms also allow your company to enhance your customer service.  Consumers want to immediately engage with a brand if there is a problem. If your store isn't open then they won't be able to call you. Having some sort of social media account will give them a platform to instantly engage with you. A study by Sprout Social discovered that consumers expect responses from social media comments within four hours.

What You Should Expect

     If you aren't familiar with social media then you might not understand that results just don't magically appear overnight. They don't even magically appear in a week. Building your image and a following takes time, and a lot of hard work and dedication. You have to constantly seek ways to engage your followers while studying your insights. Sometimes it takes trial and error to see what will and won't work for your company. There is hope though! With time you too can have an impactful social media presence that will boost brand awareness and sales.

Where Can You Begin?

     I am now expanding my help to more brands that want to become active on social media platforms. I will happily complete a free social media analysis on any current social media platforms your brand might already have. From there, I can help you discover the areas you are succeeding in, and the areas you are lacking in. Together we can create a successful social media strategy that will build brand awareness and boost company sales. 

Contact Me

     If you have any questions or comments regarding anything that I have discussed this far then please feel free to email me at I should respond within a day or two depending on my schedule for the week. I look forward to hearing from you!


Promotional Content

Studio One16: Hiring

Studio One16: Toy Drive

The ReVamp: Event


Great Western Furniture

Utilizing Facebook primarily for the target market for this brand I was able to help the company grow in likes at an approximately 70% growth over eight months. These new likes translated to new sales based on the consistent content produced.



Studio One16

I designed Studio One16's website which now allows their clients a more professional way to engage with the brand. The Studio has already received numerous messages through the website which have all resulted in new clientele. 



Website Design:

Jay Markham Barber & Stylist

I performed one month of social media services for Jay. I was able to create a portfolio for his hair services on Instagram and Facebook. During that month I was able to build a following of approximately 40 potential clients on Instagram.